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Composer and Pianist
Music has always been second nature for him as he was born into a third generation of a musical family. As a self-taught musician, he played during many years as a jazz, flamenco and tango pianist, as well as playing other forms of popular music. Further on, he studied piano with Javier González and Tensy Krismant and composition with Teresa Catalán at the conservatoire of Aragón. He has also attended many seminars and courses with the following professors: Rober Beaser, Julio Estrada, Luis de Pablo, Cristóbal Halffter, Manfred Trojahn, William Sweeney, José Nieto, etc.

Received the award for the VIIth musical composition " Virgin of the Almudena " (Union Fenosa and Town hall of Madrid) and the Award of Musical Orchestral Composition (Cultural club of Valencia) " 1st International Award of Musical Composition Sabiñanigo's City ".

He was a faculty member of the conservatoires of Aragón and Navarra, teaching analysis and composition. As a reseacher, he presently works on his doctoral thesis on the relation inbetween Flamenco and the music of Falla and Albéniz. He also writes articles for the magazine "Flamenco Chords". A section on new Flamenco and piano flamenco. He also creates and directs Flamenco and other hispanics music show. Created for the purpose of bringing young and not so young people to understand and appreciate the relationship with previous hispanic music.

At the same time, his activity as a composer includes music for theatre and scoring music for short films, being nominated several times for the awards MAX and GOYA, for " Cabaret of Caricia and Puntapíe " MAX Award to the best musical show, 2010; as an arranger and jazz pianists for "Miguel Ángel Remiro Trio" conductor, pianist, arranger and co-composer of the music show NEW SAP of Carmen París and Miguel Ángel Berna.

After the publication of the album " 5 Flamenco pieces for piano " (Ed Flamenco Live) with a worldwide distribution, the " Flamenco Contemporary Ensemble " surges, joining Flamenco and serious european music, with the intention of creating Spanish music of the 21st century. This same emsemble was then invited to perform as guests in May of 2009 to represent Spain in the EUROPAMUSICALE festival in Munich.

In the Expo-Zaragoza 2008, he was comissioned to compose and to also interprete the music for the closing act of the " Water Platform ".

His music has been performed in prestigious theaters such as the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid and the Paláu of Music in Valencia, conducted by Enrique García Asensio as well as being performed by other orchestras of the caliber like Cordoba and Valencia.

His catalogue contains music for orchestra, ballet and for ensembles, having premiered over more than thirty works, incidental music for theatre, cinema, audio-visual, thematic exhibitions and other kinds of genres.


Between the north and the south. -large symphony orchestra- premiered at the Nacional Auditorium of Madrid.
Concerning Don Juan. Ballet
suite from Don Juan. -symphonic orchestra- premiered on the 19th of January 2007 at the Music Palau of Valencia, interpreted by the Orchestra of Valencia during the season 2006-2007 (conducted by Enrique Garcia Asensio).
- Quartet Rubaiyyat.
- symphonic orchestra-
- Desperto Ferro - String Orchestra.
- Huitzliopochtil -Chamber ensemble; (string quintet, wind quintet, Piano and percussion).
- Repercusions. -Three percussionists, two pianist.
- Gigantomaquia. -Brass sextet.
- Parafrasis.- Chamber Choir, 12 components.
- Orient.- string quartet.
- Callejón del Rio.(flamenco siguiriya) -piano solo- (Comissioned by the HIDAH Foundation.
- Siguiriyas Bachianas nº1 prelude and unravel. -Organ.
- 5 Flamenco pieces for piano. -piano solo- Alegrías, Soleá. Bulería, Bulería for Soleá, Tangos.
- Jota Flamenca. -piano solo.
- Fuguerías nº 1 (prelude and fuge for bulerías). -flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone (and percussion) piano, contrabass.
- Fuguerías nº 2 prelude and fuge for bulerías). -flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone (and percussion) piano, contrabass.
- Alegrías, Soleá, Bulería, Bulería por Soleá, Tangos and Jota Flamenca. Flamenco pieces for a sextet- flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone (and percusssion) piano, contrabass.
- Oniricas meditations. -violin, chelo, accordion.
Without mysticism. -violin, chelo, accordion.
- Black "Sonios". -piano, flute.
- Fugue nº6 centered in D. -flute, clarinet, marimba and piano.
- Alegrias for cuartet. -saxaphone cuartet.
- Three hedonist songs. -Contralto and piano.
- For what?...Paranoia nº1. -violin, viola and chelo.
- Trio centered in D. -violin, viola and chelo.
- Sonata centered in E. -clarinet, piano.
- In the air. -wind quintet.
- Saturn's ilusions.-(Tribute to Goya) -Chamber Choir.
- Once I longed to see you. (Song) -bandurria Bass, violin, clarinet, flamenco percussion, clapping hands, piano and contrabass-.
- Spirits speaking among themselves. -Flamenco piece for sextet - flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone (and percussion) piano, contrabass-.
- Three hedonists songs. -Contralto and piano-

Cabaret by Caricia Y Puntapie. Music numbers directed by Alberto Castrillo ("The Black Cat" Company) MAX Award 2010 for best musical show.-Jazz Big Band and computer assisted
- The last script.
(in memory for Buñuel) Film score for the documentary by Gaizka Urresti and Javier Espada. With Juan Luis Buñuel, and Jean Claude Carrier.- symphonic orchestra, jazz quartet and computer assisted -
- Parade of the recuperated giants.
-music composed for the documentary by Domingo Moreno - Symphonic Orchestra. jazz quartet and computer assisted.
- Pasionaria
Music Score for a short film by Leonor Bruna.
- The dance of the different ones.
Music for spaces at the exposition at the Zaragoza History Center organized by Domingo Moreno. -Symphonic Orchestra and computer assisted.
- Short Religious Play of the Three Kings of Oriente.
Music for the audiovisual production based on a story by Gloria Fuentes -Symphonic Orchestra and cello solist.
- Maria Estuardo.
Music for the theatrical work of Schiller in a version by Pedro Alvarez Osorio (Tranvia Theater Company and the Seville Foundation)- string orchestra and computer assisted.
- In the solitude Cotton Fields.
Music for the work by Bernard-Marie Koltes directed by Christina Yañez (Tranvia Theater Company) -chamber orchestra and computer assisted.
The Audience.
Music for a work by Federico Lorca directed by Carlos Martin (Temple Theater Company) - chamber orchestra, jazz quartet, computer assisted.
- Lights of Bohemia.
Music for a work by Valle.Inclan directed by Carlos Martin ( Temple Theater Company)- symphonic orchestra, jazz quartet, computer assisted-.
- Renata and Tiramisú.
Music for short film, collective project from the film school "Un Perro Andaluz" (An Andalusian Dog)- string quintet, harp and piano.
- Introduction; Siguiriyas Bachianas nº2; Joteando; Oriental Jota; Instrumental Interlude.
Pieces for the show Savia Nueva by Miguel Angel Berna and Carmen Paris.
- Days without anything;
Music for the theatrical work by Rafael Campos. (Tranvia Theater Company)- String quartet and sounds made by a computer.
- Dialogo se sombras.
Music for the theatrical work by Rafael Campos. (Tranvia Theater Company).
- Ejea in the XX century.
Music for the documentary by Isabel Soria.- violin, clarinet, piano and contrabass.
- Valpalmas.
Music for the documentary by Isabel Soria. -piano solo.
- 25 years of democratic town halls.
Music for the documentary by Isabel Soria.-flute, flamenco guitar, piano.
- Don Juan.
Music for the dramatized lecture of " Don Juan Tenorio" by Zorrilla. (Principal Theater of Zaragoza)
- The Cross.
music for the shortcut film by Rodrigo Rivas -reduced chamber orchestra.
- Punch'n Pie.
music for the shortcut animation by Alice Jimenez.- chamber orchestra-

- Another one, A Hard Country, Nightfall in july with the moon in the background, Melody for Fernando in C (Do), Point of Fuge, Snapshot of Elisa with a lost look, Solo for Ana, Patricia, Delirius Garage. Arranger for these pieces for jazz quartet. -saxophones, piano, contrabass and drums-.

- CD For Bilateral Music, for the "Foundation EMDR Spain". Music composed and produced by M.A. Remiro and Javier Estella.- piano and keyboards, contrabass, percussion and computer assisted-.
- Version for woodwind quintet with piano from " Winter Porteño" by Astor Piazzola. A comision from the pianist Ilan Rogof. Performed at the Linder Auditórium in Johannesburgo. 12 octubre 2002.
- Arrangements for piano of Tinglao. (bulería for guitar by Jorges Berges) for the flamenco show of Miguel Chavez "Nights at the Tablao".
- Arrangements: For "My Temperament", "All is sorrow", "Because I want to", Chavalita", "New Sap", "In your hands", "Fandango of the Fresneda" co-composed with Carmen Paris.- flute, clarinet, Bandurrias, percussion, contrabass-.
- Alegrías, Soleá, Bulería, Bulería for soleá, Tangos and Jota Flamenca. Flamenco Pieces for sextet. -flute, violin, clarinet, vibraphone (and percussion) piano, contrabass: Also version for: flute, clarinet, piano, flamenco percussion, bandurrías, contrabass and hand clapping. Also another version for a seven piece band (Fl. Cl. Vln. Pno. Cbj. Perc. Hand clapping) from these same these flamenco pieces-
- CD "Miguel Ángel Remiro and The Contemporary Flamenco Ensemble". Delicias DISCOGRAPHY/2010
- CD Miguel Ángel Remiro jazz quartet "Point of Fuge" Delicias DISCOGRAPHY/1999